Industrial Applications/Experience:

We have developed our niche in the Industrial Field of Electrical Construction by being able to evolve with the industry.

Power Distribution

McGinnis Electric has provided and maintained transformers, switch gear and electrical panels for our clients based on their needs. We have sized and designed services based on electrical usages provided to us by our clients. Our numerous years of experience in this phase of design has helped save our customers thousands of dollars.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

McGinnis Electric is a leader in the PLC field. We are constantly upgrading our resources in order to stay ahead in this fast changing industry. Our employees have a vast knowledge of PLC programming from various venders and all of our programming is done with in-house employees.

Drive Installation & Repairs

We are able to install drives of all sizes, speed and types. Due to our expertise in working with Drives and PLC’s we are able to troubleshoot and locate problems with the drives and repair as necessary.

Panel Building and Machine Wiring

McGinnis Electric has numerous years of designing and building panels to control production lines. These panels can control the whole operation of the line from one station. We have designed and built these panels at our offices and the install them at the client’s site. A major part of panel building is the wiring of the machine that it controls. We are able to install all devices on the machine that are controlled by the panel with very little if any start up time needed at then end of the project.

Communication Wiring (Ethernet and Fiber)

McGinnis Electrical Contracting Company offers a variety of services in the data/communications field. We have installed high speed Internet wiring, underground and through office buildings. We complete the termination’s at both ends of the installation. We have wired individual workstations for the Internet and phone capabilities for Major Office Renovations.

Building Wiring

MECC completes all phases of Building Wiring from Design Builds to following Architectural/Engineered Blueprints.  These services include from the ground up as shown above to total renovations of existing buildings.


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

We have designed lighting lay-outs to achieve proper lumination in both the Commercial and Industrial Fields. We have installed parking lot lighting including setting the light poles as well as providing the underground conduit and wiring to service these poles. Our installation of energy efficient fixtures and lamps have saved our client’s countless dollars.

Emergency Service

We pride ourselves in responding to every emergency situation with the utmost urgency. Our service department will handle any electrical situation no matter what time of day or day of the week. McGinnis Electric’s 24-hour Emergency Department has allowed us to strengthen our relationship with a number of client’s by enabling them to keep their operations running 24 hours a day. VIEW IMAGES