Safety is our number one concern at McGinnis Electrical Contracting Company. We have a safety committee, which is made up of a board cross-section of our work force. Our committee members meet on a regular basis to address safety concerns for the company in this ever changing environment. The committee is responsible for establishing the policies the company adheres to as well as reviewing any and all accidents. By reviewing these incidents, we are constantly updating our safety program to assure its working properly to protect our employees from accidents while they work.

Each employee has their own Safety Manual, which houses all of the company’s policies. All of our employees are certified in CPR and First Aid. Each individual has their own fall protection equipment, lock-out tag out items, eye protections, hard hats and hand protection.

As a company we feel that safety is imperative, this is the reason our Safety Manual is always examined and changed as our committee deems necessary. We meet with the company on a regular basis to go over all changes as well as to reinforce the seriousness of the subject matter.