Where is the Company’s service area?

McGinnis Electric’s primary business area is within the Tri-State area. We have completed jobs outside of the country and in numerous states in the United States of America.

Can I count on McGinnis Electric to respond in the middle of the night to an emergency situation?

Yes, we have been providing Emergency Service to our clients since 1965. We are available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. If an emergency arises we will respond with the proper personnel to get the situation rectified. Since 1965 we have never failed to respond to an Emergency situation.

Can McGinnis Electric program drives to Operate Production Facilities?

McGinnis’ employees are well trained in the Programmable Logic Control area of Electrical Construction. We do not have outside company’s come in to do programming or make changes to programs which have been installed by McGinnis or other contractors. We have the expertise to handle PLC jobs.

If I do not have a set of blue prints for a project, will this prevent McGinnis Electric from being able to complete a project?

We have completed numerous projects without a set of blue prints. We are able to calculate the electrical needs of our clients to determine the power feeds and then wire the project as necessary. We have completed lighting layouts for our clients so that they achieve the lighting brightness which is needed for the application.

Is McGinnis Electric able to change lamps in parking lots as well as Warehouses and Steel Mills?

We have been able to change lamps in every situation. We have lifts which enable us to reach any lamp in any location.

If McGinnis Electric completes an installation are they able to provide a CAD print of the work completed?

McGinnis Electric has the ability to change or create drawings for work we’ve completed for our clients.

Are you licensed to complete work in any states?

We are a licensed Electrical Contractor in the City of Pittsburgh, the State of West Virginia and the State of Ohio.